Packet Decoding

read captured DECT packets

I try to read the packets from a recorded DECT pcap file. Each packet has a length of 73 bytes. Is it possible to save all packet bytes to a java byte array for further modification? I do not need to subdivide them into header and data parts. I only found guides for usual packets like TCP, UDP, IP so far.

Reading Packets in real time

I need to get IP address and maybe flag of comming in packets in real time. No need to storage whole packet, juz this one/two informations. What i need to do?

java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException at org.jnetpcap.packet.AbstractMessageHeader.decodeHeader(Unknown Source)

I'm using jnetpcap. When i'm reading a specific dump trace i get this error:

The pwrapper:

Other infos:
version of jnetpacp: 1.3b4
OS: windows xp
Arch: 32 bit

Any help would be appreciated!


Inspecting JBuffer content without fetching

I would like to "inpect" the content of the JBuffer without actually fetching its content. What's the fastest way to do this?

My understanding is that JBuffer.getByteArray() actually copies JBuffer internal buffer to your buffer (supplied as the parameter). I dont want to do that. I just want to peek the content.


make or get cap files

I wanted some test cap,pcap files in order to test the different kinds of malicious activity for my intrusion detection system. Its my academic project. I wanted to test for tcp protocol activities like portscan, dos, bad tcp handshake.etc..How can i get or make the capture files.
Thanking you in advance