jNetPcap SDK

Welcome to jNetPcap. jNetPcap project provides APIs similar to popular libpcap library. All of the native libpcap function calls are provided with this java library. The behavior and usage is very similar to the way packets are captured and dispatched using the native counter part.

Further more, two versions of jNetPcap library exist, both written by this author, versions 1 and the latest version 2 discussed on this website. The version 1.X of jNetPcap is still available for download from SourceForge.net repository.

Version 2 of this library has major improvements over version 1 counter part. Migration from v1 to v2 of the library is pretty easy and the benefits and improvements are great. The java runtime and implementation utilize much later version of Java environment.

Update October 24, 2022:

Initial import of source code from our private repository to github complete. Here is a link: